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Brocade 2800 setup

Slave Trajanoski
Occasional Advisor

Brocade 2800 setup

Is it possible to setup Brocade 2800 fabric switch to work in the following configuration:
1. Several HP Netservers acting as NL-ports (private loop);
2. One VA7400 acting as N-port (public loop);
3. One tape library Ultrium acting as N-port.
The operating system on Np servers will be W2K in cluster.
If this is possible how can do it?
Enes Dizdarevic
Honored Contributor

Re: Brocade 2800 setup

Yes, it is possible te set Brocade in this way. For ports which will be connected to private devices you have to enable quickloop. For ports which will be connected to public devices (fabric and public loop) you have to disable quickloop.
Problem is that setup you proposed does not seem to be good. You want your hosts to be private and storage to public. Private hosts can not see public devices.
If your host bus adapters are fabric capable (HP D8602B, Emulex and Qlogic are) best configuration is to set everything in fabric. If you can not set HBA's in fabric you must set all storage in private loop mode to have working configuration.