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Business Copy EVA Environement

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Business Copy EVA Environement

I have questions about Implementing Business Copy EVA with following

EVA 5000 ( 2C6D )
Business Copy EVA Ver 2.3
CommandView EVA Ver 3.3
VCS 3025
DP 5.1 ( without ZDB or EVA Integration )
Oracle DB on EVA

I understand from the documentation that there are two ways to create snapshots and snapclones in the BC environment. One way to do at Command View Level or SSSU (scheduled through scripts) which work by specifying the array and Vdisk. The other way is using BC hosts agent which work by specifying Host and Host volume.

What would be the significance of using either SSSU or BC Agent and how one would decide which method one should use? I want to automate the Ideal method.

Secondaly BC agent creates snaps at volume level. This volume is nothning but the VG at LVM level . AM I right? If yes, the it is possible to have vsnaps at lvol level . Can I select the lvol individually in my automated snapshot process.

I am quite concerned about Restore Operations in the whole BC environment and there are not much information about it . How the BCV restore will ensure restoration at lvol or a file level?

If I want to restore a volume from BCV on DP
backup tape , how restore will work?

Anyone out there can put real scenarios and smart replies?

Points for everyone and Full points for Smart Replies!!!!!!

Thanks in advance
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Re: Business Copy EVA Environement

A bcv is basically a dd of your lun in though, so think of it as a mirror.
Depends how rich the non command line suite is if meets your needs, point and click is easy if not youll need to go the custom command line route with a scheduler.

The best scenario is a bcv or snapshot and a full backup off of that.
Snapshots are generally quicker based on pointer changes, bcv is a full mirror basically. If you have to capability to have these on another san it give you better protection, but not needed. You still need tape backups though in case you loose the san itself. If you lost your disk, in theary you could mount the bcv disks or snapshot and your data would be restored.
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Re: Business Copy EVA Environement

Thanks Jeff for your reply.

BC document says that it is possible to refer
a logical volume of a VG for snap operation

Anyone out there ever faced restoration issues with BCVs?

BC EVA 2.3 doesn't support HP-UX 11.00 as BC enabled host as per documentation. Anybody has used this bersion on HP-UX 11.00?

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Re: Business Copy EVA Environement