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Business Copy /Snapshots/ Backup

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Business Copy /Snapshots/ Backup

We are in the verge of purchasing BC & Oracle Database Integration Utility and main motto is to overcome for any block corruption and reduce backup time.
I require clarification on following points:
1. We need to schedule snapshots every 4 hours in such a way that at any given point we will be having 2 snapshots and oldest snapshots will be deleted.
e.g. First snapshot will be started at 0:00, then at 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00, 0:00 .... so at 20:00 I will be having 2 snapshots of time 16:00 & 20:00 and remaining will be deleted.
2. Only first snapshot at 00:00 will be scheduled to go on tape, this will have 2 components filesystems & Oracle Database. The backup software is Brightstor (CA)and snapsot will be mounted on another hpux host. Pl. let me know how to proceed with this.
3. The size of LUN is 7 x 300 GB & 1 x 200 GB, how much space will be occupied by snapshot (demand allocated) for 8 hours duration (approx).
Pl. let me know your views for this implimentation, if any ideas then it will be great.

Ian Vaughan
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Re: Business Copy /Snapshots/ Backup

My preferred method of backup is incremental RMAN especially on Oracle 10g with its flash backup area and synthetic (rolling incremental) backups. RMAN only backs up good blocks and has been included with Oracle (for free) since 8i.

Sorry if u already know all this but interested to know why the snapshot option came out on top?

Anyhoo -
1) Yup RSM can do that
2) Yup RSM can put the snap in the right place (depending upon correct SAN zoning & config etc)
3) Depends completely upon your I/O rate. Demand allocated snap can grow the same size as the source disk if all the data changes. Not likely but possible.

Hope this helps

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Re: Business Copy /Snapshots/ Backup

As BC is very much faster (than RMAN)and will be used mainly for backup & to avoid block corruption .
Is there any way to meter the IO rate to know the space occupied by snapshot for certain duration.
Do you have any readymade sample scripts (in hpux)to create, present, mount, umount (once backup finishes),unpresent & delete snapshot ?