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Business Copy VA and Win2K

J. Bolin
Occasional Visitor

Business Copy VA and Win2K


My goal is to create some scripts to backup Business Copy Luns to tape using OB II pre- and post-exec commands.

Particularly, bcopyutil and bcutil are not very well documented concerning the meaning of "mount" and "dismount" : how can one driver lettre (say G:) match the BC Lun I want ?

Did somebody already meet the same problems ?

Any help is greatly appreciated !

Re: Business Copy VA and Win2K

I am looking for this information as well, for the HPUX version on business copy. Were you able to find anything out?

All the documentation and help files I have been through are extremely vague, to say the least...

Gabriel Antohi
Occasional Visitor

Re: Business Copy VA and Win2K

Try to mount the BC Lun as a NTFS folder, witch it is pre-defined by you.
Also, you have a command line utility for that: mountvol.

Good look.
luke ding
Occasional Visitor

Re: Business Copy VA and Win2K

there is a tool provided by MS, you can do import foreign disks and activate disks etc.
it is called diskpart.exe, that might be able to help you if you are using Dynamic disk on Win2k. Win2k is using LDM co-developed with Veritas