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Business Copy on EVA 8000

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Business Copy on EVA 8000

Dear All,

I am quite new to the business copy on EVA8000 because since now we used XP512. What I have seen is that the procedure is a little different and, moreover, a lot of automatisms have been introduced.
My problem is the following, I have to set up a BC of a volume group (on Linux) that runs each Sunday and syncronizes data from the source to the destination. My supevisor has decided to perform a snpclone but, the thing I was wondering is that there is no syncronization functionality. What does it mean? Each time I run the BC do I have to destroy the clone Host Volume (this means umount the clone volume group, unpresent it to the host and then destroy the LUN)on the Eva and create snapclone from scratch?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Business Copy on EVA 8000

You could upgrade to XCS V6 which introduces "mirrorclones". This one allows you to keep a relation between the original and the snapclone to do a resync.

Of course you still need to unmount the clone group and unpresent the clone before you do the resync. But that is not really a problem, because no operating system can deal with a file system that changes unexpectedly.