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Business Copy

Paul McCleary
Honored Contributor

Business Copy


We have an EVA3000 connected to a number of hosts via a Cisco MDS SAN. We are using business copy to take snapshot of a lun from a host and to then mount it on the backup server.

Which then obviously backs it up. It is a Netbackup 5.0 implementation on Windows 2003. We have created jobs within business copy and are using the bpstart_notify and bpend to run the business copy jobs. Which are then reversed using 'undo' by bpend.

This issue is that this does not always work. Sometimes the drive will not come over at all, while other times it will come over and remain mounted under the first available drive letter (the backup then fails as the drive letter is wrong) - when it works this is changed from the first available drive letter to the one listed in the job, which is the one specified in the backup selection. I've tried increasing the bpstart timeouts.

There doesn't seem to be much logic as to when it will and will not work.

Has anyone else had similar problems?
Or any ideas on what may be causing this?
Or better approaches - thinking of using automation manager instead of bpstart; I know there is SSU but have never used it.

Any input much appreciated.

Cheers, Paul
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Business Copy

I don't have an idea about your BC problem (do you run V2.2.1?), but I recommend you make yourself familiar with SSSU and specifically the 'CAPTURE CONFIGURATION' command, because this is the only way to easily recover an array's configuration.