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CA Question on xp12k

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CA Question on xp12k

1)is it possible to create pairs CA between ldevs which are part of two differnt clprs
2)is it possible to create pairs and make them part of same consistency group CA between ldevs which are part of two differnt clprs
3)How to make a pairs the part of same consistency group while creating pair using raid mgr.
Joseph Algieri
Occasional Visitor

Re: CA Question on xp12k

1. If you mean can you CA an ldev from CLPR0 on array A to an ldev in CLPR1 on array B the answer is yes.

2. No. From the Command View User guide:

"If Continuous Access XP Asynchronous or TrueCopy for z/OS Asynchronous operations are
performed, and the volumes that are extended over multiple CLPRs are allocated to the same
consistency group, a pair cannot be created."

3. It is part if the "-f Fence" specification form the paircreate command:

â f fence [CTGID](CA only) Specifies a data-consistency level.
Valid values:
async CTGID (CA-Async and CA-Journal only)
CTGID (CT group ID) is assigned automatically, but the async option terminates with EX_ENOCTG when beyond the maximum number of CT groups.
136 HP StorageWorks Disk Array XP RAID Manager: Userâ s Guide
Maximum number:
The CTGID option forces creation of paired volumes for a given CTGID group.

I suggest you get a copy of the RaidManager XP User Guide.