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CA on XP12K question

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CA on XP12K question

I am using XP 12K for 2 way CA between the sites .One way ( Site a to site b ) is already working .I am trying to set up CA the other way ( Site B TO sITE A.All the physical connectivity is existing , I have 2 inititiator and 2 target ports on xp 12k at both sides .When i added the CU Free RCU at MCU side, by providing the necessary initiator and target ports , RCU is visible on MCU Side showing normal path status .But when i see on the RCU side ( i.e on xp12k at site A) it does not show its newly added MCU .My understanding is you just have to add the RCU from MCU side and connection will be automatically visible at RCU side if connectivity is fine .if anybody has any clue on what else i can look at to resolve this , that will be a help.
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Re: CA on XP12K question

u need to have the following on each XP12k:
MCU/PVOL initiators for talking
RCU/SVOL targets for listening:
The Talkers on one XP must be connected to the Listeners on the other XP and vice versa.
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