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Dan Ciurlino
Occasional Contributor


I ran into a problem with managing a XP128 after installing command view version 1.8. Our customer has four XP frames in their environment, (2) XP512â s and (2) XP128â s. The customer is running W2K on his desktop. He connects to the command view workstation from his desktop to manage the XP512â s. This works without any issues. Trying to mange the new XP128 from his desktop is a different story. All view functions for the XP128 in command view is available via the GUI but no LUN management. To do any type of modifications on the XP128 the customer must use CLI (or work directly from the command view workstation). This is odd in that CLI works for modification (LUN management) but the GUI doesnâ t. Arenâ t we using the same interface to talk to the frame? A call to backline storage support confirms that the GUI will not work because of the security design of the XP128 frame (but CLI works?). The XP512â s works because it uses SNMP, the XP128 does not work because it uses RMI. Has anyone run into this situation? If yes, what was your workaround? Our workaround for the customer is not acceptable, i.e., use PCanyhwere, or VNC to make LU modifications on the XP128. To make the XP128 GUI behave as the XP512 we would have to put the XP128 SVP on the customerâ s corporate LAN behind a firewall. T
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: COMMAND VIEW 1.8 & XP128

You should be able to use the GUI.
Have a look at the "Command View XP Installation Guide" on

Starting on page 20 you will find the requirements.
There is an impoprtant paragraph saying:
Set Up Ports to Bypass a Network Firewall
When placing XP disk arrays behind a firewall, open certain ports to enable access
by the Command View management station and clients.
The Command View management station needs access through the firewall to the
disk array. The Command View management station communicates with the
XP48/XP512 (SVP) using SNMP and with the XP128/XP1024 (SVP) using
For the XP128/XP1024, Command View GUI clients establish communication
directly to the array for some of the content. Access through the firewall is needed
for each XP128/XP1024 GUI client.
To support Command View access through the firewall, you must allow access to
the following ports.
For an XP128/XP1024:
- Port 80 for http, for all Command View GUI clients and the Command View
management station if also used as GUI client.
- Ports 1099, 51099, and 51100 for TCP/RMI, for all Command View GUI
clients and Command View management station.
- Port 162 for SNMP Trap, outgoing only from the disk array/SVP.
For an XP48/XP512:
- Port 161 for SNMP.
- Port 162 for SNMP Trap, outgoing only from disk array/SVP.

Check it out!

I love storage
Dan Ciurlino
Occasional Contributor

Re: COMMAND VIEW 1.8 & XP128


Thanks for the quick reply. No Firewall in the path of the customer's workstation,command view workstation or XP128. See the attached drawing of the configuration. Per SFC we have supported configuration.


Bill Rothanburg
Trusted Contributor

Re: COMMAND VIEW 1.8 & XP128

We have both XP 128 and XP1024 here and are able to manage them using the web browser on our desktops as opposed to the Command View server.

The two biggest problems we've faced is proxy settings and Java Versions.

The customer should ensure they have the 1.4.2 JRE installed and that any proxy settings exclude the SVP's IP address.

Eventually, I told the Java Plugin to not use any proxy as opposed to the browser's settings. That seems to work better for me.