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CV 8.02 to 9.1 upgrade - any BC licensing changes?

Jon Pinkley
Honored Contributor

CV 8.02 to 9.1 upgrade - any BC licensing changes?

We have an EVA6000 with CV unlimited and BC 1TB

Currently running EVA firmware CR0ECAxc3p-6110 and Command View EVA V8.00.02

The EVA firmware is being upgraded to XCS 6220 from 6110

After firmware upgrade we plan to upgrade to CV 9.1

Are there any CV upgrade surprises (we went from CV 6 to 8 and had to request licenses before the Instant-On ones expired)

I understand that no new licenses need to be loaded, but I want to make sure that there haven't been any new interpretations of BC license usage.

Here is what we see with CV 8.02 and BC by examining the licensing screen for the EVA looking at the "Used" column for Business Copy

Licensed Capacity Summary for Storage System:
Feature Capacity Status
Licensed Used
CV General Unlimited GB 17739.05 GB Valid
Business Copy 1024 GB 474.00 GB Valid

Snapshot of vdisk with no previously existing snapshots.
- This increase the Used value by the size of the vdisk, i.e. snap of 100GB vdisk uses 100GB

Snapshot of vdisk with previously existing snapshot
- This does not change the used value, only the first snapshot is charged.

Snapclone of vdisk (can't have any existing snapshots)
-This will not let you create a snapclone larger than available (licensed - used) GB but does not reduce the available units once the snapclone is created, even while the snapclone is still in progress.

I want to make sure things go smoothly, because 8 to 9 may be a possible one-way trip (MLD meta-data)

Controller not seen in CV EVA 6.0.2 after test with CV 9.0 http://forums.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1355473

Another upgrade related thread

CV 9.1 and CR0ECAxc3p-6110 software http://forums.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1378985



it depends
Trusted Contributor

Re: CV 8.02 to 9.1 upgrade - any BC licensing changes?

Hi Jon,

Ideally there is no need get a new License for upgrading from CV8.x to CV9.x But there is a known issue in CV9.1 with licensing specific with only EVA6000 model, Hence you may wait till next release of CV.

Jon Pinkley
Honored Contributor

Re: CV 8.02 to 9.1 upgrade - any BC licensing changes?


Thanks for the info.

I saw the thread about EVA6100 with 9.1 thinking it is a 4100 because it did not detect loop switches.

Upgrade to CommandView 9.1 - now have a license issue http://forums.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1386343

Does the same apply to the EVA6000 with HSV200-A controller (4Gb/s host interfaces)

Does 9.1 not detect any loop switches, or is it just the ones in an EVA6100?

it depends
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: CV 8.02 to 9.1 upgrade - any BC licensing changes?

Jon, usually a combination of:

- Clearing browser cache
- Navigating to hardware - Rack 1 - controller enclosure - controller A - device ports
- Refresh page
- Navigating to EVA main page
- Refresh page
- Restart CV service

Leads to CV identifying the EVA as EVA6x00 not EVA4x00