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CV EVA 9.1 and SMI-S EVA

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CV EVA 9.1 and SMI-S EVA

I have installed CV EVA 9.1 on a win2008 management server which also has HP SIM 5.3 SP1. When I try to configure SMI-S EVA to discover the arrays I just get a web page saying "Thank you for trying WbemHttpServlet".
When installing CV I had to change the ports to 60001 and 60001 as the default ports were already being used.
To discover the eva's I am browsing to http://hostname:60001. I get prompted for a user name and password and then get the message above.
Anybody come across this before?

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Re: CV EVA 9.1 and SMI-S EVA


That's normal if it says wbemhttpservlet.And that is not the way to discover the EVA.

Complete the following procedure to test an SMI-S provider installation.
1. Open a DOS window on the Central Management Server (CMS).
2. Set the current directory to ./Program Files/HP/Systems
Insight Manager/.
3. For each installed provider, type: wbemdisco

The IP address or DNS name of the SMA
or PC on which the SMI-S provider is
The port on which the SMI-S provider is running.
The â interoperabilityâ namespace of the provider.
The user name giving access to the data available from the provider.
The corresponding password giving
access to the data available from the
4. The output should be similar to the following:
HOST = coresma2
PORT = 5989
NAMESP = root
USER = administrator
PASSWD = ***** Connect to coresma2 in namespace root
with SSL=true
Enumerating instances of CIM_Registered Profile...
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Pool Manipulation
Capabilities and Settings
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Backend Ports
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:LUN Mapping and
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:LUN Creation
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Copy Services
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Access Point
NameSpace = root/eva

Are you upgrading your command view or it's a new and fresh installation?
Because if you are upgrading your command view then namespace and the port should remain the same.
Make sure the CIM object manager service is running.
If running above command throws some error then we will come to know what is causing the communication.
From HP command view eva establish a trust relationship and import the sssocertificate which can be found in C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SMI-S\EVAProvider\config and file name is HPSSSOcert.

Please let me know how it goes.
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Re: CV EVA 9.1 and SMI-S EVA

Hi,Rampy.could you please help to look at my problem?I have one EVA8000(cv eva 6.01) which was discovered by SIM normally, from SIM I could get its information like ports, firmware and software revision etc.Is this enough for me to receive alert from SIM when EVA have some problems? How SIM communicate to EVA800? someone told me I should get WEBES/SEA installed on CMS so it can interpreted the EVA message. I checked the CMS and didn't find WEBES/SEA. since I have discovered the EVA8000 successfully, I just wanna know does WEBES/SEA need to be installed on CMS in order to get the alert from eva when it hit into issue?