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CV EVA loose connection

Occasional Contributor

CV EVA loose connection

Hallo, my Commandview 8.x loose every 2 Days the Eva 4400 connection, the discovery didn't found any EVA. After i reboot the Master Controllen i can Discover the EVA4400.
Can anybody help ma ?
Valued Contributor

Re: CV EVA loose connection

You can check the following settings :

for the Windows operating system is in registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/Disk/TimeoutValue is set to 3c(hex) (or 60 seconds).
Ensure that MPIO is installed and both paths are active and have access to the array.

Boot devices are supported with online controller firmware upgrades.
Hope it helps :)
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: CV EVA loose connection


Have you logged a support call with HP ?

I'll take a guess that your EVA4400 is still under maintenance...


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: CV EVA loose connection

Disk\TimeoutValue is used by the disk class driver, but the HSV/CV-EVA communication is through controller devices (type 12(10)) at LUN address 0.

The MPIO filters multipathes for disks, but not controller devices. CV-EVA works fine without MPIO. MPIO is only needed if virtual disks are presented to the management server.

the management server MUST have access to both controllers, even if it has only one FC port.
S. Boetticher
Regular Advisor

Re: CV EVA loose connection

sounds a bit like "known" issues with older EVA XCS / CV, ... there are quite some threads about it here...
- open a case at HP to let them find out, what really is the issue in your case
- be prepared for CV-upgrade to 9.1 (I think that's part of the solution)
- I have no clue at all, what XCS will HP recommend to solve the issue, because AFAIK there is no supported XCS out there for the 4400 :-(
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: CV EVA loose connection

When that happens, do you have access from the Command View in the management module (ABM)?

I'm suppossing you have a recent firmware on the management module, so you have at least CV 8.1.
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Re: CV EVA loose connection

I had an issue yesterday where I lost connection to our secondary EVA. This was after I created six new DR groups with one VDisk in each, ranging from 20GB to 80GB.

All the DR groups went into error and I couldn't manage the EVA from CV.

I logged onto the ABM device and saw that the second controller was listed as unknown. I restarted it and it came back online. After an hour I was able to manage both EVA's again.

I had this issue when on XCS 09000300 but hoped it had been resolved after upgrading.

Re: CV EVA loose connection


I have a similar issue before. After upgrading to XCS09006000, I only hit the same issue after 5 months. So, I'm not sure if the problem on my end is similar to CLEB. Anyways, if your XCS version is a bit old, consider upgrading it.


Hi again. Unfortunately, I don't have ABM yet to get if one of the controllers is at "unknown" state.
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Re: CV EVA loose connection


You can see this through SBM Command View as well.

See attachment.