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CV EVA switch security gruop configuration


CV EVA switch security gruop configuration

i have installed CV EVA 9.01 with local security group configuration and all works fine.
Now i want to switch the security group confiugration from local to domain groups.
But, i dont know how.
I deinstalled CV and try to reinstall, but the security group configuration was skipped. I deleted the lokal groups, i tried custom install of CV Eva, i renamed/deleted the old directorys and the Zero-G directory before reinstall started, i deleted the temp-files - but nothing helps. If i try a reinstall of CV Eva 9.01 the security group configuration dialog was skipped.
How can i switch the security groups from local to domain groups?

Thank's for your advice

Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: CV EVA switch security gruop configuration

Hello Dirk,

Usually you just add your domain groups to the HP Storage Admins local group on the management server.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: CV EVA switch security gruop configuration

HP StorageWorks Command View EVA installation guide
T5494-96067__20090227 - March 2009 [9ed] - c01681292

Page 15:
""Management server

Groups are created automatically during the installation process. Alternatively, you can create them manually before initiating the software installation. The manual process for creating groups applies only if the management server is part of a domain or domain controller.""

Great words eh? Sounds like domain groups are not automatically created (where do you want them to have, anyway?).

Re: CV EVA switch security gruop configuration

Thanks for this hint, but that's my workaround at the moment.
I think that isnt the solution. It works, but i want to use only domain groups, without local groups.

I have read the manual alredy and thats no answer for my problem.
I had created domain groups, but the new setup use old (local) groups. I can see it in the log file, but i dont know where the information about the local groups are coming. I deinstalled the CV Eva and deleted the directories, like described in my first post.
The server is domain member and i logged in with a domain admin account.