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CV License Transfer ?

Robert Klarmann
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CV License Transfer ?



we have a unlimited CV 7+ License for EVA5000/8000 series which is registered to our old EVA5000 system. This system was been replaced by an EVA8100 system - this system will be used for Backup to Disk only.


I need to transfer the license to the new system but it is bound to the WWN of the old one. Support says that it can not be transfered.


That is cracy and ridiculous! should I put 34k$ just into the recycle bin? And spend a lot of money for a "new" license?


If so it will be cheaper to buy a new storage system (eventually no HP system) for the price of a "new" license


anyone here who had the same problem and a solution?



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Re: CV License Transfer ?


First of all support is right you can not transfer a license from EVA5000 to EVA8000

but you say your license certificate if for EVA5000/8000 so maybee you have an unused EVA8000 license

what you need is the original order number that the EVA5000 license was issued on and you might find there is an unused EVA8000 license you can use. the order number could be part of the EVA5000 license certificate or if you registered this license it might be on your HP Passport in the HP licensing portal "webware.hp.com"




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