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Cabling P411 to D2700

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Allen Huang_1
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Cabling P411 to D2700

I was going to hook up two SAS cables from the P411 controller to I/O module A and B on the D2700 SAS Array. There was this note in the packaging from HP saying not to connect up to the I/O module B since we have a P411 6Gb SAS controller so I only hooked up one SAS connection. That's confusing since we have two ports on the P411 and two ports per I/O Modules on the D2700. I've never connected up one of these before. What's required (multipath I/O driver plus whatever else) to hook this up so we have redundant channels?
What's the best practices for wiring a P411 to D2700?
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Re: Cabling P411 to D2700

Allen Huang_1
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Re: Cabling P411 to D2700

Thank you for the documentation. It helped.
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Re: Cabling P411 to D2700

Thanks, but do this mean you cannot use the 2nd controller as a redundancy path if I'm using a P411 card?

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Re: Cabling P411 to D2700

Similarly, I want to connect 2 cables from my P411 to my D2600.  I've been advised that this is supported only if I have Smart Array Advanced Pack, an add-on license.  You also must have dual-port SAS drives in the D2000 enclosure.  I found HP offers a 60 day eval license for Advanced Pack and deployed that.  On HP-UX that is done using this command:


sautil <device_file> license_add_key <license key string>

 So far I have not found any specifics on doing the actual array config for dual paths, though.  If anyone has that (using saconfig on HP-UX) please advise!


I was told one path will be active and the other passive, so there's no load balancing, just provides a failover path if one port or cable fails.


I was hoping to do this using 2 separate P411s and have tolerance for a complete P411 failure, but that's not supported on the P411s.


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Re: Cabling P411 to D2700

Hi All,

Is there any limitation of how many StorageWorks D2600 and D2700 enclosure that I can daisy chained with P411 SAS Storage Controller ?

Any documentation would be greatly appreciated.

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