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Can you "downgrade" an MSA30 *controller* to Ultra3?

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Can you "downgrade" an MSA30 *controller* to Ultra3?

The company I work for has an MSA30 with a dual-bus controller which they would now rather have a single-bus controller for.

However prices for the controllers (in the UK) are rather silly still and ebay isn't really an option for them.

I do have an earlier version of the 4x00 storage works tray with a single-bus Ultra3 controller/EMU. Would it be possible to replace the MSA30 controller/EMU with the Ultra3 pair? Obviously they'd have potentially less throughput but spindle numbers are more important to them at the moment.

Just curious as I was going to be getting shot of mine anyway (and might be able to swap it for a server for doing them the favour! :)