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Cannot find drivers

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Cannot find drivers

Hi I am troubleshooting an issue I am having with an MSA20. I unplugged it from one of our DL380s and plugged it into a Dell PowerEdge. The array is being picked up by the Adaptec controller as "HP U320/SATA BULK 1 SCSI Array Device" but I can find the drivers to make the array accessible on the Dell Server. Where can I find the drivers?
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Re: Cannot find drivers

I guess the chassis was connected to a smart array controller. Because it is very very unlikely that your new controller can handle the smart array layout, you need to re-build all the structures for the other controller.

Hope this helps!

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Richard Tengdin
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Re: Cannot find drivers

You may be out of luck...

From the MSA20 quick spec:
"NOTE: The MSA20 had an onboard controller module. When the MSA20 is directly attached to a ProLiant server with a Smart Array controller, the MSA20 controller module functions as the array controller and the Smart Array Controller acts as the Host Adapter..."

And later:
"NOTE: The MSA20 in only supported with the Smart Array 642, 6402 and 6404 "

My guess is that the MSA20 controller doesn't know how to talk to a PERC controller so it is not presenting the volumes it has defined on the SATA drives...