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Cannot start HORCM

Philip Dunn_1
Frequent Advisor

Cannot start HORCM

I'm trying to create a couple of BCV's on a new HPUX 11.11 server. However I'm getting a strange error when trying to start horcm...

*********** SYSTEM ERROR ***********
P.P. : Raid Manager XP for HP-UX
Model : Raid-Manager-XP/HP-UX
Ver&Rev: 01.17.04
Release: Production

Host: (removed)
EUserId: root (0)
Process: 5773

[System Call Error]
SysCall: bind
Errorno: 2 (No such file or directory)
ErrInfo: Internal Error
ErrTime: Mon Sep 11 10:54:24 2006
SrcFile: shorcmc.c
SrcLine: 309

10:54:25-01598-05773- ERROR:cm_lepcre[scmclepcr() fail]
10:54:25-02d03-05773- ERROR:horcm_lep_create
10:54:25-04722-05773- [HORCRELOWNLBA] floatable LBA(e01b) is released.ID:0:/dev/rdsk/c12t1d4
10:54:28-b046b-05772- horcmgr:Failed to connect to HORCM.

Has anyone seen this error before and have any ideas on how to resolve it?
Thanks in advance

Philip Dunn_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Cannot start HORCM

I didn't have a .uds directory in /opt/HORCM!!!

How annoying.