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Cannot use explicit mappings on P2000 G3 10Gb iSCSI

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Cannot use explicit mappings on P2000 G3 10Gb iSCSI



I have a DC 10Gb iSCSI P2000 G3. I have created two volumes with defaultmapping set to read-only.

I have also created a host. Now I want to override the explicit mapping for that host and make it read write. I have tried it both on the web UI as well as via de CLI, but it always fails saing that the mapping failed, no aparent reason given. On the CLI, this is what I get:



# map volume access read-write lun 1 host SAP_Des_Data
Info: Mapping failed. Host was not mapped for volume SAP_Des_Data. (SAP_Des_Data) (2013-02-27 14:19:07)
Error: Command failed. (2013-02-27 14:19:07)


This command was attempted while the host I was trying to map was powered off. Default mapping works fine, though. Any ideas about what am i missing?






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Re: Cannot use explicit mappings on P2000 G3 10Gb iSCSI

Hello, just solved this issue on the P2000 G3 FC box - you have to ensure the volume is having unique LUN Address, then only the command will be executed successfully.