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Cascaded Business Copies

Derek Brown
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Cascaded Business Copies

Hi guys .

I wonder if anyone can help me. My company has a classical BC setup using Raid Manager 1.20.06) at the moment where one host (production) has the PVOLS and a different host (dev) holds the SVOLS. This all works very nicely and looking at the hormX.conf files it seems is very straight forward.

However, I've been asked to create 2 extra business copies which are taken from the SVOLS and are cascaded and this is where I am a bit unsure. (I know that at the point of cacade these SVOLS will be perceived as PVOLS).

I'm trying to get to grips with how to set up the /etc/horcmX.conf files to cater for these 2 new copies of the data and would like help here.

I know how to set up horcmX.conf files for a classic PVOL/SVOL set up but I'm wondering what you specify to say to the horcm files that these 2 new copies will be cascaded from the SVOL. I think it's something to do with the MU# and this is the bit I think I'll be most interestred in.

I've attached current copies of horcm0.conf (prod) and horcm1.conf (dev) to aid understanding. Many thanks for your help
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Re: Cascaded Business Copies

For better description, I will call the first BC pair as L1 and a secondary pair (L1-SVOL acting as PVOL) is called L2.

XP allows you to create 3 L1 pairs and their PVOL uses MU# 0, 1 & 2 respectively and SVOLs MU# are always 0. (in your case bc_failoverdb is first L1 and bc_vgtstdb2 is second L1). For the L2 pairs, you can create max of 2. In L2, the PVOL MU# will be 1 & 2 and SVOL MU# will be 0.

So under HORCM_LDEV, your first DEV_GROUP for L2 will have lines ending with 1 (MU#) and for second DEV_GROUP lines will end with 2.

Hope that's clear enough.
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Re: Cascaded Business Copies

In the Dev server the SVOL will act as a PVOL. SO in the Dev server create horcm2.conf file.In this file MU# will be 0 and another 2 SVOL will be MU# will be 1 and 2.
In the previous posting "Amardeep" also clear this.

Thanks & Regards