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Change Solaris Vdisk hardware path ?

Regular Advisor

Change Solaris Vdisk hardware path ?


I have the following problem :
I want to clone a Vdisk with a Sybase Database environment on it, using Raw partitions.
The master database checks the Sun Solaris 8 hardware path e.g c6t0d0 where to find its databases.
We want to clone this EVA Vdisk on which the Sybase databases reside.
The Solaris hardware paths need to be exactly the same when mounting the clone a remote server for testing purposes.
The master database needs to see the same hardware path.
It is to my understanding that there is a way to make this consistent but i am not aware of it.
We could make use of file systems on the Vdisk for Sybase on the solaris system, then the hardware is longer an issue as the mount point are used.
But we would prefer the raw partitions.

Any help is appreciated !