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Change of Configuration of the XP256


Change of Configuration of the XP256

I have one storage XP256, organized currently in RAID5. We receive a recommendation from the ORACLE, to change this structure for RAID 1. They follow my questions:

1-) Which the procedure for the reorganization in RAID 1?

2-) I obtain to keep in same storage, discs in RAID 5 and RAID 1?

3-) I have negative impact of performance with these two structures in same storage?
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Re: Change of Configuration of the XP256

TO have your LDEVS/disks/LUNS on your XP256 - you need to arrange for HP (a fee based service) to re-carve the array groups to the RAID level desired. NOTE: this is destructive so you need to back up all your files first.

And yes, you can have array groups that are RAID5 and other groups that are in RAID1.

Sorry. This is not something the end user can do.

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