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Changing ID of controller on EVA 4000

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Changing ID of controller on EVA 4000

Good day everyone,
I need to change the ID of a EVA4000 Controller (actually ID is 4) to ID 3 and the enclosure with ID 4 to ID 3.

Why I need to do that is because we have a customer that has his EVA4000 alarmed on port DP1B (DG is alarmed too) and checking the .xml file in Navigator tools it show the warning messages: "3 disk enclosure(s) found. Controllers should be located @ shelf 4 for HSV200 configuration."

My environment is as follows:
Controller B & Controller A (ID 3)
Disk Enclosure 4
Disk Enclosure 2
Disk Enclosure 1

My question is: making that change, what could be happened with the EVA Metadata? Or, just making this ID change (between Enclosure 4 and Controller 3) there will not be any impact in the EVA?

Thanks for any answers anyone may be able to give me


Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Changing ID of controller on EVA 4000

Hi Pablo,

Changing the ID of the controller and the disk enclosure will have no effect on the data on the EVA.

I very much doubt though, that these warnings have anything to do with the alarms that your customer has seen.


Víctor Cespón
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Re: Changing ID of controller on EVA 4000

How's that you have Navigator? That's an HP rectricted tool. You should concentrate on finding what's causing trouble on DP-1B.
Check for "missing data", "SCSI parity error" and ASC/ASCQ events, make a table...
You should know what to do if you have Navigator.
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Re: Changing ID of controller on EVA 4000

vcespon: Actually access to Navigator has been granted to some personell outside HP.

I do not see any need to change the ID. A EVA 2C2D config is delivered with the controllers at id3 so it is common that a EVA 2C2D expanded with a new diskshelf (2C3D) has the IDs numbered as you describe. This is not a "non-supported" config.

However the controller should never hav id 7 but this is not an issue wiht EVA 4000.

You should carefully look at loop B to isolate the problem.