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Changing RAID Levels with NetRAID Assistant

Marty Mckeon
Occasional Visitor

Changing RAID Levels with NetRAID Assistant

I would like to change Raid Level of 2 disk logical array from 1 to 0. Will I have to reinitialize and therefore reinstall OS, software to accomplish this?

Franco Cenati
Valued Contributor

Re: Changing RAID Levels with NetRAID Assistant

Which operating system are you using ?
How is the NetRAID configured ?(how may arrays how many logical disk ?, which model of NetRAID do you have ? which firmware revision is on the NetRAID ?)
from the operating system point of you, how are partitioned the NetRAID logical drive ?

Immagine you know what you are doing try this , otherwise put more info about your configuration.


first of all do the backup of your entire disks, then you can change the raid level.

Then from NetRAID assistant you can migrate the RAID 1 to RAID 0. AT the end of the migration the Megabyte of your hard disc will be the double. Then after the operating system reboot, you start disk administrator and you will see the new space as "free space". Remember that for Win NT4.0 the maximum partitions number is 4.

You your RAID 1 disks contains the boot or the system partition, remember that these type of volume cannot be part of a Volume Set.

Franco Cenati
Marty Mckeon
Occasional Visitor

Re: Changing RAID Levels with NetRAID Assistant

OS: Windows 2000
1 array with 1 logical disk made up of 2 physical disks.
The firmware revision is A.01.00
I believe it's the original NetRAID model.

Can't tell how the drive is partitioned from OS point of view. In Computer Management, I am not seeing any disk management utilities under the Storage icon. What I know is I only have 1 drive letter c:.

Any additional thoughts would be appreciated.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Changing RAID Levels with NetRAID Assistant

I beleive this process is supported only if the clusters of the lun you have is 64k.
From NetRaid utility right click on the logical raid then choose change configuration then chosse raid 0.
This process should be done on the fly and without needing for a full backup althuogh to be in the safe side take a full system backup in case something goes wrong.
Marty Mckeon
Occasional Visitor

Re: Changing RAID Levels with NetRAID Assistant

Changed the RAID level to 0 and now the logical drive shows twice the space as before(8GB).
However the c: drive still shows max capacity as the size of 1 drive (4GB).
As stated earlier in the Computer Manager there appears nothing under storage for me to configure the partitions.
Should I try to do this from dos or some other utility or do I have to re-initialize?
I'm trying to avoid OS reinstall.