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Changing a defect disk in an EVA5K

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Henry Jansen_1
Regular Advisor

Changing a defect disk in an EVA5K

Hi all, at this moment we have a 'dead' disk in our EVA5K and the new one arrived today. Just to make sure I'am handling it the right way: Take out the 'dead' disk, after 10 secs. put in the new one. Wait until it shows up in an 'unknown diskgroup' move it to the diskgroup it belongs...

Uhm, should I delete the 'dead' disk first ??
Wayne Green
Frequent Advisor

Re: Changing a defect disk in an EVA5K

Henry, same method we used recently on an EVA3K.

We also replaced disks reporting errors but still available. In this case we ungrouped the disk before pulling it from the enclosure.

I would wait a minute before inserting the new disk. Need to wait until the controllers have noticed the disk has been removed and 10 secs may not be longer than the polling interval.
I'll have a beer, thanks
David Bodey

Re: Changing a defect disk in an EVA5K

Sometimes when you drill down to the disk and you select the "Disk Drive" tab, you do have the option to "Remove" the disk. This usually ensures that at least the SAN Management Appliance (SMA) correctly interprets the status changes. I say 'sometimes' because often when a disk has failed, you cannot select it all.

I have had cases where removing and adding a disk has caused confusion for the SMA and it has either left behind an invalid "virtual" disk or created two with the same name. In these cases, I found restarted the SMA causes it the get the correct picture. I dont think the HSV has a problem, its more the SMA.

Re: Changing a defect disk in an EVA5K


Basically - if the "dead" disk is still visible inside the disk group - You should ungroup it first - then use remove disk.
Unplug disk - wait 60 sec - plug new disk in and when it is visible from appliance group it.
If it is not visible, or the remove disk is not there then just unplug - wait 60 sec - plug new one - group new one


Henry Jansen_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Changing a defect disk in an EVA5K

Thanx guys, this is enough info for me to work with... really appreciate this...