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Changing from raid 1 to raid 5

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Changing from raid 1 to raid 5

I have a new box(rp7400) that was set up with a 2300 disk system (8 x 18g). 4 volume groups are currently set up as raid 1. Would like to change to raid 5. I am backing up this box with omniback. What do I need to do to accomplish this?
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Re: Changing from raid 1 to raid 5

I hate to say this, but I'm pretty sure that cabinet is just direct attached storage on a scsi chain. The only stuff that HP has that does Raid 5 is the FC-60's, the "Auto-Raid" systems, The XP series, and the 7400's. I've got 2100's and they don't have any smarts of that type in them. I went to www.hp.com and did a product search and none of the resultant product information pages discussed anything about Raid 5. For contrast, I pulled up the data sheet on the 7400's and they *do* mention RAID 5 capability on the same sheet.

The only RAID that I can see that's available to you on that enclosure is RAID0, RAID1, or RAID0/1 (kind-of, by using distributed stripes) using lvm with a mirroring license purchased.

Unless you stick on an FC-60 controller or something - but DON'T do that. You need to look at HP's current product offering the 7400 systems.

Link to 2300 overview and features: http://www.hp.com/products1/storage/products/disk_arrays/disksystems/ds2300/overview.html

For comparison, link to 7400 overview and features: http://www.hp.com/products1/storage/products/disk_arrays/midrange/va7400/overview/index.html

Notice how the latter document, in a duplicate format speaks of RAID capability, and the former document (2300 docs) doesn't mention it.

IMHO a 2300 is really fast (I've compared mine to the older Jamaica systems) SCSI cabinet, and that's it.
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Re: Changing from raid 1 to raid 5

You a RAID controller, if you don,t already have one. If the disk system is connected to a HP-UX host, you can use the 4Si PCI RAID controller.