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Changing the Raid Level ?

Jimmy Grondin
Occasional Visitor

Changing the Raid Level ?

OS: NT4 Sp6a Enterprise on C Drive
1 array with 1 logical disk made up of 2 physical disks.
NetRaid Version:A.02.02
Firmware Version:F.02.04
Drive Partition: C-1.95Gig in FAT ,D-6.5Gig NTFS.

We Have 2 x 9 Gig Disk in Raid 1, on a LH6000r Server.
We have insufficient space available on that disk. What is the best solution, lowest coast to have more space. We don't want Stripe Set.
It's possible to add one disk, and change from Raid 1 to Raid 5 wih the "Change Raid Level" Menu ?
What is the step to do that...
Have you any procedure for that ?