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Clariion EVA D280

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Clariion EVA D280

We are planning to implement
a new Storage System.

I would appreciate if anybody had experience with Clariion CX600, EVA(HP) and D280 (StorageTek) can through some light of pros and cons with this Storage Systems.

Thanks in advance,
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Clariion EVA D280

Well... since nobody has responded, I'll tell you what I can without being too much of a salesman... ;-}

First, I have to tell you that HP directly supports only HP storage and EMC Symmetrix 5 and below. Other storage systems (such as the Clariion and StorageTek) are supported by the storage vendor. Why is this important? If any problems do occur, you could have trouble getting it resolved when multiple vendors are involved.

So, your best service experience would probably be from the HP EVA.

Otherwise, The D280 is actually a LSI Logic box (the wonderful people who made the FC60... if you had an FC60, you probably would not buy another LSI Logic system). We had a lot of support problems with them as a supplier.

EMC, other than being known as overpriced (particularly with support contracts), is a good vendor with a nice subsystem.

Advantages of one over another.... I must admit that I can tell you more about the EVA than about the other products... (I do work for HP, after all)

The EVA has virtualization, which the other systems lack. The virtualization gives you flexibility and performance enhancements that other systems cannot. It's newer technology - a revolutionary change from previous and competing systems. The CX600 and D280 are evolutionary products - simply upgrades to existing designs.

Perhaps now that I've responded, we'll get some opinions from others here in the forum.

Good luck, and thanks for considering HP in your storage purchase!

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