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Hi All,
We are planning to implement
a CX600 for an OLTP application.

We have 15x73G drives in the enclosure.
planning for 7x73G RAID5.
1) At present we have symmetrix with 18G drives and 4.3G Luns and filesystems
of size 4G mounted on the host with alternate links.

2)Do I have to create one big LUN or luns of size 4G at storage array level.

3)Does my host see the big lun as one disk device?

4)Is it possible to create luns at host level?

I would appreciate if any one with similar experience could
through some ideas.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Clariion

If I understand the question correctly you will bind up however many drives you would like in the RAID5 (within EMC guidelines) this will create a hardware binding, then through Navisphere create your LUNS the size you would you would like. These will then be presented to the host as disks
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Re: Clariion

Hi Lanke,

1. Size of LUNs, is depends on your requirements. If you need for a large database, create LUNs with requirement size. Check with the vendor for the emulation required for LUN's sizes.

2. Yes. Your host will see a single LUN as a single device.

3. Generally LUN's are created on Disk Array's. But the software's used to create LUNs, i.e. Disk Array management software's are loaded on hosts only. So through this software you will be creating LUN's in Disk Arrays. These LUN configurations are stored on Arrays only.

Be on top.

Re: Clariion

Thank you all for your responses.

Marek Kormanovic_1
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Re: Clariion


we have CX600, and we are prepearing migration from MA8000 to CX600.

PLS can you specify servers farm and OS environment ?

Witch type of FC SWITCH are you using ?

If you are using Claster PLS specify ?


Re: Clariion

Hi Marek,

We have HP server models K570 and K460 and the OS is HPUX11.0.

We are not using any switches. They are direct attached.

Can you please let me know the
type of RAID configuration you are going to implement.

Brian M Rawlings
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Re: Clariion

A couple of points on CX600:

1> You bind a number of drives into a "raid group", assigning it a RAID level (RAID-5, etc).
2> You can create LUNs of any size out of the space you've just bound in the raid group. A LUN shows up as a disk drive to HP-UX (or Windoze, etc).
3> If you creat one LUN with all the space in the raid group, this is the only time you can grow a LUN "on the fly", by adding another entire drive to the raid group. Since this is not very granular (growing in 73GB increments), this is not terribly useful for most of us.
4> You use Navisphere (mgmt SW) to create and control all the various storage constructs (LUNS, raid groups, storage groups, etc), and to do lots more easy GUI management of the whole storage environment (including some management of the hosts connected to the Clariion, via Navisphere agents you load on the hosts).
5> LUNs can be any size, this is different from the Symm environment you are used to. As mentioned earlier, LUN size can't be changed once created, so play with it a bit, then wipe all the "test" LUNs and create the real ones right the first time. To resize in the future means creating a bigger LUN, copying all data to it, then eliminating or wiping the original LUN.
6> For HP-UX, it is easy to grow a VG, simply create a new LUN in a RAID group that will perform as you desire (mirrored, RAID-5, etc), and add the new "disk" the server finds to the VG in need of space.
7> One "optimal size" of RAID group is the 5-drive, RAID-5 set. This balances performance and efficiency very well in the CX400 and CX600.
8> You should do some benchmarking for your apps, using a Mirrored raid group, a 5-drive RAID-5 group, and maybe a larger (8-10 drive) RAID-5 group, and see how the app performs. Performance of raid array is dependant on application I/O patterns, and different RAID types and sizes respond better or worse for different apps. Don't settle for a "default config" if you can benchmark in your environment.

Hope this helps. --bmr
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Marek Kormanovic_1
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Re: Clariion

Hi, THX,

With configuration I have not problem, but local Compaq (NEwHP) is not happy and still have some problems.

I think they have fictive problems ( EMC support matrix is EMC not HP), and I am loking for HP customers with instaled Tru64 5.1 with Cluster, Alpha servers and Clariion CX600 (400).

PLS Can you help me ? Do you know somebody with this environment ?