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Command View 7 licenseing bug?

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Command View 7 licenseing bug?


Am dealing with a EVA 4000, and am installing Command View 7. All goes well till I add the license key, which seems to succeed as well.

After adding the key, my 180 days remaining warning does not disappear. Patching to Command View 7.1 does not help either.

HP support claims it is a known bug in command View 7, and that after 180 days the permanent license will be taken up and warning will disappear. Am I the only one who does not have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this?
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View 7 licenseing bug?

Do you have requested new licences for Command View 7? The ones for Command View 5 or 6 are not valid.

You can also generate new ones filling the fields on this page: https://webware.hp.com/welcome.asp

The part numbers for the licenses are on the Command View QuickSpecs:
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Re: Command View 7 licenseing bug?

Actually yes, they are Command View 7 licenses. Thanks for the links, I have tried to regenrate them already once. May just do that again through your provided links to be 100%.

I am sure someone has installed CommandView 7 and can comment if adding valid licenses gets you rid of the 'expired license' message or not BEFORE the 180 days are over.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View 7 licenseing bug?


I'm sure I heard someone say hear, that you can clear the warnings, by setting the date on your SMA/SMS forward till after the 180 days, and then back again...

Hope this helps,


Regular Advisor

Re: Command View 7 licenseing bug?

Ifyou install a permanent license key (lets say capasity license), the permanent key overriders trial key.

Meaning; When you istall permanent capasity key, the capasity trial is overrided. The trial for BC/CA still remains for 180 days.

I don't remember if the trial key (for capasity) is removed or not. (I think t dissapeared, butI do not remember 100%)

Phillip Thayer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Command View 7 licenseing bug?

I saw the same problem on a system we installed fresh. We installed the system and it gave us the little license error icon on the SAN in CV EVA. We installed the CV7.0 license and it stayed there. When the 180 days was over it cleared the error icon no problem. I had the same uneasy feeling about it and called HP support. Got the same answer. It's a know issue and they said the same thing. Wait until the 180 day license is finished and it will clear the error.

Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.