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Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

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Command View. Allocation level > 100 %


There is EVA4000 and a host with Windows 2008 R2
After installation on the host Command View 9.3 in storage system "Operational state" is in at "Attention". In the Capacity
Total: 2189 GB
Allocated: 6638 GB
Allocation level: 303%
Available: not available

Really on the array employs around 1,5 Tb (1500 Gb)

Earlier Command View 6.02 was installed on the Windows 2003 R2 and all worked without any problems

Help please

P.S. Sorry for bad English


Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

As per my understanding this is reporting issue. Please try the following to resolve the same,


1> Try to restart CV EVA service and verify

2> If not resolved then try to reboot the CV EVA server and verify

3> If not resolved then re-sync both the controllers.


Please find the details of Controller re-sync,





Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %



I'd suggest this order:


1. restart CV or the server

2. clear browser cache

3. clear the CV cache (there are instructions in the xcs 09534000 release notes that I pasted below, it works the same for your EVA)

4. restart master controller

5. resync


About the last step, often you don't need to resync the controllers. Most of the time "just" restarting the master controller is enough to clear this issue .

You find out which is the master by looking around in the OCP at the front of the controllers, it will either say 'master' or 'slave'.


You may want to consider upgrading CV and the XCS - I was under the impression that this has been improved, but maybe CV 9.3 is not high enough.


Step 3:


Stop the HP Command View EVA service.
2. Rename the \ProgramFiles\Hewlett-Packard\Sanworks\ElementManagerfor
StorageWorksHSV\cache\[EVAWWN] directory to ...\[EVAWWN]_OLD.
3. Start the HP Command View EVA service.
HP Command View EVA will retrieve the controller log events that have occurred since the
controller software upgrade.
If the controller log events from prior to the upgrade are needed, you must retrieve them from the
previous ...\[EVAWWN]_OLD directory.

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Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

Thank all for answers. Tell me how to make resync. It is necessary to do it in general and what consequences may result? Except for the problem described in the topic title, it seems, everything is working and may be not pay attention to it

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Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

Resync is done only to correct these kind of small issues. The link shared in above posts describes some information.


This particular issue is purely due to a communication mismatch between controller & CVEVA. You can schedule a resync at your own convenience and there is no urgency. Other operations within EVA will not be affected. Resync can be done via OCP on master controller or via command view eva.




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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

From the advisory:


"EVA storage systems with 21TB or more storage capacity may experience some host I/O timeouts when doing a dual controller resynchronization."


Obviously that does not apply to Zirro, but in case somebody else wants to start trying to fix this problem with a resync, be careful.

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Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

I am sorry for probably idiotic questions, but can you describe in more detail how to do a resync through OCP or CommandView. I didn't find such possibility. 

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

In my opinion you should not start with a resync, but start with restarting master controller instead.




says that a resync may not help with the problem - but that a master controller restart fixes the problem.




Resync is command 2a from the fieldservicepage

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Re: Command View. Allocation level > 100 %

Many thanks to all responders. Really helped restart Master Controller