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Command View VM

Frequent Advisor

Command View VM

I read recently in the HP Partner Weekly that HP now support Command View in a VM. Has anyone tested this, and can you provide any documentation on setting this up.

Many Thanks
Sivakumar MJ._1
Respected Contributor

Re: Command View VM


Check this forum posting..

R u looking for the same information..
For HP Online Case Logging-->
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View VM

As far as I know, this is _planned_ for a future version, but I have not seen any hint in current documentation.

The problem is that the sales people get told all kind of great things, but sometimes those are just ideas and not real, buyable, products (anybody remember the 'great future' of the Modular Data Router [MDR] product, SmartArray 6 support for the MSA1500cs, Data Replication / Business Copy for MSA1000/1500, ...).

Sometimes the features are overrated (CV-EVA on the WOCP). That case I do remember quite well, because a sales colleage came back from a 'brainwash' last year and said to me he was told it was available _now_. Well, I responded: no it is not available.

He got a bit upset, so I asked: - give me a download link and documentation, bla, bla, bla... and the discussion ended.
Respected Contributor

Re: Command View VM

Yes, Uwe is completely right. Sales and presales presentations tend to contain a lot of exaggerated information whose purpose is to fight competition. Technical docu available from HP is the best source to find the actual status.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Command View VM

Thanks all.

I believe VM View (ESX4) will allow harware pass-thru. Allowing Command View to access the FC HBA. As yet it is not supported.