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Command View XP 2.2B to AE too Expensive -- Other Options?

Steve Bonds
Trusted Contributor

Command View XP 2.2B to AE too Expensive -- Other Options?

I recently got my quote back for the upgrade from Command View XP 2.2B to Command View XP Advanced Edition (AE) and it amounts to roughly 20% of our original array cost. Needless to say, this isn't going to happen.

However, at some point Command View XP 2.2B will be retired by HP and no longer supported. They already will not fix defects in 2.2B.

What are my other options other than upgrading? What other HP-approved ways are there to manage XP1024/XP128/12000/10000 disk arrays?

-- Steve Bonds
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View XP 2.2B to AE too Expensive -- Other Options?

Well, you can always use the free HP StorageWorks Remote Web Console.

If you do not intend using one of the interesting solutions on top of CV AE like
-XP Replication Monitor
-XP Tiered Storage Manager
-XP Provisioning Manager
or are in need of a CLI I would not go for CV AE but rather just use
Remote Web Console or invest in Storage Essentials (SE) which allows very interesting things to do.

See my comparison of CV and Remote Web Console attached.

Read more about SE here:

I love storage
Steve Bonds
Trusted Contributor

Re: Command View XP 2.2B to AE too Expensive -- Other Options?

Good info, I didn't realize that one could directly web connect to an XP array without Command View to broker the authentication.

I also found this nice gem at:


Q5. Is there a transition plan to take me from CV XP to CV XP AE?
A5. Yes. For customers who have CV XP installed and on support contract prior to 7/22/05, they will be eligible to receive a free CV AE license equivalent to the current capacity of their arrays. A fee-based migration service is available for customers who choose to have HP Services migrate their site from CV XP to CV XP AE. Customers who migrate to CV XP AE will also be required to pay for the new support costs for CV XP AE. There is a special 1 year support pricing offer for the first year of renewed support after the customer migrates. A letter has been sent to all CV XP customers under contract explaining the details of this free offer. This migration is being managed by the HP Services organization. Customers who buy CV XP after July 22, 2005 will not be eligible for the free upgrade offer.

I've had Command View since well before July 2005 so I'll find out from our support folks what the deal is with the above.

I do use the CLI for CommandView, but it's not worth the price for my current purposes.

I'm already in the process of evaluating Storage Essentials as well as a competing Veritas/Symantec product.

Thanks again for the info, hopefully some others will chime in with even more options. ;-)

-- Steve