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CommandView CLI Firewall issue???

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CommandView CLI Firewall issue???


I wonder if someone can offer any help. We have had some network/firewall changes made recently, and now three out of our four CommandView servers {all 2.2B-6} do not connect to an array via the CLI. The web-based access of the servers, and the Remote Web Console are all fine. The CLI starts up ok, but upon issue of a connect command, the server thinks about it, and after a short period throws up a connection error. The last CommandView server works without a problem via the CLI.

My question is if there are any ports/services I need to open up, start, which would enable connection via the CLI??? Is there any good documentation regarding the CLI, that would help?? The basic docs that I have say nothing about ports required for the CLI!! :o((

Thanks for your help.


Mark Poeschl_2
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Re: CommandView CLI Firewall issue???

Not sure I understand your configuration completely, but I've got port 12301 opened up on our CV servers so that SSSU clients can talk to them.
Bill Rothanburg
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Re: CommandView CLI Firewall issue???

Check your proxy settings. CVXP does not always work correctly through proxy servers.

I added the IP addresses to the XP's to the exclude list in IE and then told Java to use the Browsers settings.

Pat Obrien_1
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Re: CommandView CLI Firewall issue???

the correct firewall port(s) depends on the version of cv. Prior to cv6 you needed 2301/2381 and other I have forgotten towork. post cv6 you now also need 2372 open to get cv to work through the firewall