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CommandView/XP versus CommandView/XP AE -- Any differences?

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CommandView/XP versus CommandView/XP AE -- Any differences?

We are running a nicely aging XP12000. We're thinking of moving to CommandView/XP Advanced Edition and associated CLI. Are there any vast differences between the 2?

One of the issues we hope is resolved with AE is the ability to see and manage External Storage/XP via CLI. With the current CV/XP - CVCLI does not seem to see External Storage/XP objects -- ports, ldevs, etc...

Can CV/XP AE CLI do this?

Hakuna Matata.
Honored Contributor

Re: CommandView/XP versus CommandView/XP AE -- Any differences?

Hi Alzhy,

I assume you mean the differences between Command View XP and Command View XP Advanced Edition.

Command View XP was written by HP. It had it's own feature sets and CLI. It was sunsetted in 2006. The replacement was Command View XP Advanced Advanced Edition, which is a repackaged Hitachi HiCommand, but it has an associated cost. It's CLI is not compatible with the Command View XP CLI, but these are migration wizards to elp you. The alternative is to use the Remote Web Console (RWC) which is built-in to the firmware of the XP. This is when you browse in to the IP of the SVP on the array.

I included a slide showing this pictorially.


"In Vino Veritas"
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Re: CommandView/XP versus CommandView/XP AE -- Any differences?


So that is WHY back in '06 I saw a special free upgrade offer to CommandView XP AE but I was a few days late. And wonder of wonders - our HP Account Management did not EVEN alert us of the offer and option and eventually told us it was a ne time offer which expired. I've also apprised my management but words fell on deaf ears or they're just so inutile on this technology.

So we are trying to negotiate with them to give us the upgrade.

Does it offer CVCLI like features and most importantly - does it support presenting and depresenting LUNS from External Storage/XP LDEVS via the CLI? If not, do you see a solution to automating ES/XP operations?

How robust is it compaerd to the HP Flavour of ComandView which often hang and is rather slow? Is it apropo for an aging XP12000 and does it require a matching minimum firmware rev?

Hakuna Matata.