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Compaq Raid 1 Never rebuild

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Compaq Raid 1 Never rebuild

Good morning everyone,
i have many server with raid 1 for the system partition (netware 5.1) and after 2 or 3 years of perfect working, when one of this raid 1 disk failed, after replace by an new disk, the raid 1 never rebuid. The led of the new disk is blinking , meining that rebuild's process is in progress, but after 3 weeks the raid1 isn't rebuild.

The Best solution is deleting raid 1 and create again and reinstall OS.

Some one have an beter solution ?

Thank's a lot.

ps: - The Controler firmware has been updated.
- The new disk has been erased (delete possible old raid configuration)

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Re: Compaq Raid 1 Never rebuild

I had run into the same problem a few years ago. The answer I got was it would not rebuild if there was corrupt data on the secondary drive...NT checkdisk didn't find anything and Insight Manager showed "waiting to rebuild" in the status.

Take that for what it's worth.

This was on an Proliant 850 with a 2-DH controller. At the time everything was updated to the latest/greatest(?).

I let the server get the best of me and it eventually got rebuilt on new hardware after a year of running on the good secondary drive without issue.

Good luck and I'd be curious if you do find a solution.