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Compatibility of fc60+sc10 operating systems.

Elizabeth LeDuc
Occasional Advisor

Compatibility of fc60+sc10 operating systems.

I just purchased an fc60 and a sc10. Where can I found out if HP-UX 11.11, Window XP and Linux Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 can be configured to access the storage at the same time?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Compatibility of fc60+sc10 operating systems.

Hi Elizabeth,

the FC60 disk array only allows support for one OS type at the same time, either HP UX or Windows nt4/w2k.

Their is different code to download in the controllers between those two supported operating systems.

Concurrent access from different OS's is a no go for this disk array.
For Windows their exists a LUN security/LUN presentation option that allows you to isolate the different LUNs between different Windows hosts, that option is in a form of a license key that you need to download and was called "partitioning".