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Compatible Storage Arrays for HP e3000

Shane Lorente
Occasional Contributor

Compatible Storage Arrays for HP e3000

Hi all, I am looking to add some temporary storage to my HP3K running MPE 6.5. I currently have 2 Mod 20's with 4GB drives. I would like to purchase some inexpensive storage to move the data off the Mod 20's. Does anyone have a compatibility matrix showing what storage arrays I could use. So far, I am looking at either a Mod 30, an FC10 or an SC10. Any ideas?

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Compatible Storage Arrays for HP e3000

I haven't any information on non-current products, but I can tell you that out of the current products, the only small unit we are supporting right now is the VA7100.

I believe the XP is also supported, but it sounds like that would be way to big and expensive for your application.

For MPE6.5, you need to attach via SCSI (FC is not supported) via an A5814A-003 router (set dip switch to 05). (The VA7100 is Fibre-channel)

If you can upgrade to 7.5, you can directly fibre-attach the VA7100.

Since you mention the FC10 and SC10 (which are both retired JBOD products), you might want to look into the DS2300, which is the replacement product for the SC10.

Good luck,

No matter where you go, there you are.
Honored Contributor

Re: Compatible Storage Arrays for HP e3000

Ah, retired. What a great word.
Any of the store subsystems will work of course. Even a "retired" RS12. The more current Disk System DS2405, DS2300, DS2100, SC10 all will work as well as the Compaq solution where the disks are cheaper and available on the internet.
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