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Configuration L2000 Raid Controller

Daniel Schneider_3
Frequent Advisor

Configuration L2000 Raid Controller

Hello all,

I have to configure a HP9000-L2000 Machine for 19" Rack with 4 Disks a 18,2 Gig, which are mounted in the front 4 Slots.
Further in that Machine is mounted a SCSI-Card for further 4-way SCSI.
My Question now is how to setup the 2 Disks in the front Slots each with a mirror Disk. Is there the only way to do this with LVM (I have successfuly done this with other machines), or is there a possibility to mirror the disks hardware-like (I think on NT-Machines, where you have to configure the Raid in Bios)?

Thank you for all help!

Best Regards
Daniel Schneider_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: Configuration L2000 Raid Controller


the further SCSI-Card is PCI 4SI Raid, and the four internal mounted disks should be attached to that card.

malvin drakley
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Configuration L2000 Raid Controller

Good morning Daniel, on the L2000 box the 4 disc slots on the front of the machine are connected to a backplane that is directly connected to the motherboard. There is no facility to connect these drives to a 4si card like is possible on a Netserver unfortunately
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Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuration L2000 Raid Controller


actually you could buy an SC10 JBOD without disks to attach to the RAID 4si card and put the 4 internal disks into the SC10 and have HW RAID and boot off the HW RAID.

Although this is supported, I would strongly advise *not* to do that but instead have at least 2 internal boot disks mirrored via LVM/MirrorDisk.

Additionally you need a running OS with the irm tools to configure the HW RAID in the first place....