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Configuration of MSA30

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Allan Joergensen_1
Occasional Visitor

Configuration of MSA30


The HP array configuration utility exist only for Windows,Linux,Open VMS and True64. Which tools exist on HP-UX? I want to configure a software RAID5 or RAID6, which should be possible according to the Linux manual.

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuration of MSA30


the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) is a utility used for a H/W raid controller card called 'SmartArray', not for software raid. If you have this type of card in your UX system, then use 'saconfig' to configure H/W raid.

# man saconfig


saconfig - Command Line Configuration Utility for the HP A7143A RAID160 SA SCSI Adapter

If you want software mirroring like you wrote, then i guess you need to use LVM.


Sandy Chen
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuration of MSA30

Hi Allan,

Do you connect the MSA30 to the server using any Smart Array Card?

If you do, for HPUX, you can use the saconfig like Cris said

If you don't have it installed, you can locate the software from software.hp.com and search for product number of the Smart Array Card

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Allan Joergensen_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Configuration of MSA30

Hi Sandy and Kris,

Thank you very much for the answers :-)

I've check the interface card, it's 'only' a A7173A HP Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter. It seems Software RAID is the only solution or I could buy a Smart Array Card.

Can LVM handle RAIDS systems other that RAID0 and RAID1?

Thomas J. Harrold
Trusted Contributor

Re: Configuration of MSA30

No, LVM only handles Raid1, and raid0. (striped mirrors also, if you don't mind a 1MB stripe width!)

You could use Veritas volume manager (basic is provided free with HP-UX, advanced features can be purchased from HP or Veritas.

Depending on your storage and performance requirements, you may just want to stick with raid1 and LVM. It's simple, reliable, and performs well.

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