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Configuration of Raid 5 w/o smart start

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Configuration of Raid 5 w/o smart start

I'm a Compaq newbie so don't flame me too hard. I just bought a Proliant ML350 w/o an OS. My goal is to create a Raid set and put my 2k OS in it. Problem is that I didn't recieve the SmartStart disks so I'm having all kinds of problems creating Raid without windows. I have
two scsi controllers csp# 249933-001 and csp#226874-001. The bios doesn't have the option to create a raid so I made some bootdisks from the Compaq Proliant ML350 driver site (Rompaq, 5300 controller, ect). The Rompaq gives me the error <>. The other disks tell me similar things, I imagine because they are all upgrades of the original Rompaq. Please, how is the setup supposed to run? As I understand it, I can create a RAID without controller drivers but I'll need them when I load 2k. According the Compaq site, I shouldn't need the SmartStart disks, everything I need is posted FTP. Am I missing an important step?
Janine Bertolo
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Re: Configuration of Raid 5 w/o smart start

Hey Chad:

You are correct - you shouldn't need a SmartStart if your model of server has a Rom-Based-Setup-Utility (RBSU). F9 at boot-up gives access to it.

It's important to set which OS you are using (win2K is default) and which controller you are booting off of using this utility.

Part number 226874-001 is the 532 array controller and should give you a rom-based array configuration utility with an F8 prompt when you are booting the server.

Check the inside of the box to make sure your drive cage is connected to that controller.

Win2K does have all the drivers you need to install the OS, and you can update to the latest drivers with a support pack after it's installed.

You can download them from http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/files/server/us/download/16259.html

Have fun!

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