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Configure LUN Autoraid 12H

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Configure LUN Autoraid 12H

If I create the maximum of 8 lun's on the autoraid. Is it possible to use a failover path for all these lun's?
Insu Kim
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Re: Configure LUN Autoraid 12H

You can use alternate path for each LUN if two array controllers on the AutoRAID is properly configured.

Two array controller can be connected to seperate host adaptors or can be daisy-chained with one host scsi interface attached.

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Re: Configure LUN Autoraid 12H

yes of course.
remember by default lvm will allow 16 PV in
a VG, however Alternate links do not count.
You may want to increase this in any case..
but that will require a kernel recompilation.
maxpvs is the kernel parm. 16 REAL PVs.

Always put in you alternate links.
verify they work too.
Don't forget the lvm timeout
pvchange -t 120 /dev/dsk/cXtYdZ
for your primary paths
AutoRAID requires around 90/120 secs to
reinit after a controller failure, not LVMs
default timeout of 20secs.

pvdisplay -v /dev/rdsk/cXtYdZ
to verify the timeout

vgdisplay -v vgNAME
to verify all alternate and primary links

make sure some pris are thru the X
and some are thru the Y
at least 50/50

For perf reasons too (leave data in RAID 0/1)
leave some disk space unassigned - around 10%
of the AutoRAID capacity at least .. and turn Active Hot Spare ON.)

Have fun.

It works for me (tm)