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Configure VA7400 with Cluster LH6000 Win 2003

Super Advisor

Configure VA7400 with Cluster LH6000 Win 2003

Dear All,

Appreciate a help your on your prompt reply.
Please advise if we can configure VA7400 with a cluster of 2 Netservers LH 6000 P/N = D9190A on Win 2003
If yes, please advise on what fiber controllers are to be used on the netservers
and what utilities are to be used to configure windows 2003 cluster with them.

The Netserver we have is LH6000 with product Number : D9190A.
The storage we have is VA 7400 with two fiber controllers C1 and C2.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Re: Configure VA7400 with Cluster LH6000 Win 2003


Yes you can.
On the VA you need the Firmware HP19 and the CommandView 1.07.
As HBA you can take a Emulex 9000 Series or a QLogic 2300 Series.
(I think HP preferes the Emulex, for Example the FCA2101 or the new FCA 2408)
Perhaps Securepath 4.0c if you want redundant Path access.
For the pure Cluster install you dont new any other utilites.

Hope this helps.