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Configuring MSA20 connected to DL380 G3

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Configuring MSA20 connected to DL380 G3


I am trying to configure an MSA20 connected to the DL380 G3 via the on board 5i raid controllers external U320 port, I can see the MSA20 in the ACU but am unable to perform any tasks as the ACU hangs.


ive updated all drivers for 5i and MSA20 and installed latest ACU, versions shown below:


O/S is server 2003SBS

Firmware for Smart Aray 5i  is Rev B, v2.76                MSA20 = unknown

ACU version= v9.30.15.0



i notice in HP specs that the 5i isn't shown as supported so suspect this may be down to compatibility with the 5i, do i need to install a second raid adapter if so which is best to co-exist with the 5i?


Any advice much appreciated!!




Re: Configuring MSA20 connected to DL380 G3

This could be an issue with the OS. What you can try is, you can configured the array in BIOS, or boot the server using the smart start CD, and then configure array. 



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