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Configuring MSA30 MI

Eudo Jimenez_2
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Configuring MSA30 MI


We have a MSA30 MI connected to two rx4640 with 2 HP A9890A Smart Array 6400 Controller each one.

We like to use the four MSA30 MI ports (A1,A2,B1 and B2) two by server

How can I configure the MSA30 MI

I do the procedure on EFI Boot Process (entre F8 key) but it not display configuration Interfase.
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Re: Configuring MSA30 MI


I think you cannot share the BUS with SA-controllers. So you need one half to one machine only.

Try to press ESC followed by 8 to get access to the orca (or use a USB keyboard and a screen ;-))

Hope this helps!

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