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Configuring MSA500 for SQL Server

joe doherty_1
Occasional Contributor

Configuring MSA500 for SQL Server


I am just about to build 2 database servers in a windows cluster and connect them to a high available msa500.

The servers will host a number of sql2005 databases.

My question is...

(i) Do I configure the 14 disks in the disk enclosure as one lun and then configure seperate logical partitions for each database function (i.e. user databases, tempdb, logs, etc.).


(ii) Do I configure the physical and logical partitions of the disk enclosure for each database function. So my database logs would be hosted on a 3 disk lun with 1 partition spanning these 3 disks - and no other physical disk or partition involved.

I've heard that option (i) is better for performance but is this a recommended practice for database servers.
Also does option (i) allow failover of the seperate logical drives? Or is failover of the user database volume only possible if the partition is configured physically.

I hope this is understandable to you.