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Configuring SDM on VA7100

Gerald Orban
Occasional Contributor

Configuring SDM on VA7100

We have recently installed a VA7100 and are in the process of trying to resolve a few outstanding issues as outlined below.

1) Trying to have SDM comunicate with the Event Monitor Service (EMS).

We do not see entries for the VA7100 in EMS and therefore cannot configure monitoring.

2) Original we told that there was a requirement to install the High Availabilty version of EMS to provide this support.

When the HP tech can to site to install the VA7100 there was some question in his mind whether this was actually required.

3) When we try to access SDM though a web browser we get a security certificate error. We are running V1.02 of SDM which according to the installation manual does not need a certificate downloaded from HP.

Michael Koch_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Configuring SDM on VA7100

Regarding the access problem you will have to configure the IP adresses that have access in the file /opt/sanmgr/hostagent/config/access.dat on your Agent host.
To make changes take effect the Agent Daemons have to be restarted:

/opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/dial_trigger stop
/opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/HA_trigger stop
/opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/HA_trigger start
/opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/dial_trigger start

I think there is no special ems monitor fpr VA and the disk monitor covers all monitoring issues of the va - at least he reported a bad disk in out VA 7400.