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Configuring a 12H

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Robert Gamble
Respected Contributor

Configuring a 12H

I have inherited two 12H's from another site.
It still has the old configurations on it.
I do not have any manuals for it. Are there manuals online ? Anyone have a 'cookbook' for 12H configuration ?
Brian M. Fisher
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring a 12H

Documents for an AutoRAID 12H are available at:


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Antoanetta Naghiu
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Configuring a 12H

To see/modify the configuraion you can use SAM->disk and file systems->disk device->, or using ARM's commands. Beside the web link that Brian posted, you can se help from sam and/or man arraydsp and the other commands.
Maarten van Maanen
Regular Advisor

Re: Configuring a 12H


Creating an environment on the 12H is not that difficult. If you have two controllers make sure you configure the 12H to use both for increased performance.

Step 1 is creating LUN.
Create two if you have two RAID-controllers and switch them to increase performance.

Create LUN:
arraycfg -L 5 -a 5000 arrayID
-L = LUN-no -a = size in Mb

Create device-files:
insf -C disk

Check them with ioscan:
ioscan -fnC disk

Prepare them for LVM:
pvcreate -f /dev/rdsk/CxTyDz
x, y z from the device files created

Including them in the VG you want them:
lvextend /dev/VGxx /dev/dsk/CxTyDz /dev/dsk/Cx2TyxDz3

Do this again with device files switched to created alternate links on the AutoRAID so each disk use the other controller for backup.

Check the VG with vgdisplay -v (or look in /etc/lvmtab)

For the rest, just create the mountpoints, create the filesystem and mount it. From then on you're in business.

Maarten van Maanen