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Connecting RP5470 to HDS 7700e via SCSI

Jim Ferrero
Occasional Contributor

Connecting RP5470 to HDS 7700e via SCSI

We recently purchased a RP5470 with a dual port FWD scsi host bus adapter(A5159) which we want to attach to a HDS 7700e disk array. The manual states that is a High Voltage Differential SCSI adapter, but the HDS SCSI specs are for Low Voltage Differential. Can I use this adapter for connecting to the HDS? In the manual for the A5159A it mentions that for LVD applications you can connect up to 16 devices. So I am now confused....

Thanks, Jim
Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting RP5470 to HDS 7700e via SCSI

Jim: The A5159A is a dual-port FWD (HVD) SCSI card, NOT UltraSCSI as some docs say and definately not LVD-capable. I believe that it is a 'conversion job' from an UltraSCSI design, with different driver chips to allow for the HVD voltage levels and clock speed (10MHz)... this would explain the occasional confusing reference to UltraSCSI or LVD SCSI. HVD support didn't really exist in PCI-land, until we UN*X hacks began using PCI in our boxes, so I think the industry had to sort of back-pedal to provide them.

I don't believe that this card will work with the HDS 7700 (HP XP256, same unit under OEM). The A5149A (single-port) and A5150A (dual-port) are both UltraSCSI LVD PCI cards, use these for your 7700 connections. Actually, they have been superceded by two new parts (Ultra160 capable), A6828A (single), and A6829A (dual).

Sorry for the bad news, hope the rest is helpful.

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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting RP5470 to HDS 7700e via SCSI

The card your after is an A4800A
Single port PCI FWD High Voltage Differential SCSI-2 adapter - has one external High Density 68 pin connector and one internal High Density 68 pin connector

Have a look here for further information:
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