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Connecting a VA7400 to a RX2620

Eric Firkey
Regular Advisor

Connecting a VA7400 to a RX2620

I have a VA7400 with 3 x DS2405 disk systems that I want to hook up to my RX2620. The RX2620 only has 4 I/O slots and three of them are being used, a SCSI card for the MSL2024, a network card, and a 6402 Smart Array Controller for the internal disks.

This only leaves one I/O slot left to hook up to my VA7400. Can you use an A6795A 2GB FC adapter and only hook up to one controller on the VA7400? or is there a dual port FC adapter card I should use and hook up to both controllers? what are my options?
chris huys_4
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting a VA7400 to a RX2620

Hi Eric,

In url, http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12141_div/12141_div.HTML, the quickspecs of the rx2620 are displayed.

There is a dual port 2gbit fc hba, a6826a, that can be used to connect to the va7400.

Personally, I would always put sanswitches between the host and the storage. 1 server fc hba and 1 va7400 fc hba connected to 1 sanswitch, the other server fc hba and the other va7400 fc hba connected to a second fc hba..